Andrew L. Quiat (“Andy”)

About Quiat Legal


For over 100 years the Quiat family of Colorado has been practicing law. Andrew L. Quiat (“Andy”) joined his grandfather, Simon Quiat, in the practice in 1972. Andy is a Martindale Hubbell Peer Review Rated A-V preeminent lawyer.

Andy has been collecting money judgments for over 40 years. He is a pioneer in Colorado in the development and use of the extraordinary post-judgment Writ Of Assistance, repeatedly upheld by the Colorado Supreme Court.

His practice was elevated in this area a number of years ago when he recovered some $2 million for the First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins that had previously been charged off against reserves. The realization upon the
judgment occurred despite the debtor having outstanding against him other and older judgments of some $30 million.

Andy has repeatedly lectured on post-judgment remedies before the Domestic and International Financial
Investigations Conference of the National Association of Certified Investigators, as well as the Professional
Private Investigators Association of Colorado.

Andy is one of a rare breed of attorneys who will actually go on an asset seizure in order to properly supervise
and document it.

The Firm’s commercial collection efforts are designed on a case by case basis and always with a view to yielding
economic recoveries profitable to our clients, or to determine as early as possible that there is no economic
recovery and to recommend the matter be dropped or deferred.

Andy works with extraordinarily well qualified investigators to locate hidden, diverted and fraudulently conveyed assets to satisfy his clients’ judgments.

Andy is experienced at registering or domesticating judgments issued by one state in another state or states and within the British Commonwealth. This includes orchestrated interstate collection efforts in multiple judicial forums simultaneously to effectuate turning clients’ judgments into the money awarded by the court.

Andy has held and been involved with numerous public positions, directorships and associations.