Andrew L. Quiat (“Andy”)

Client Testimonials

“I have known Mr. Quiat for about 12 years. He has always done a professional job for my company in his capacity as attorney. He has been successful in most of the cases that we have worked on together.

I highly recommend him for his detailed and competent work.”

Jim F.

“Our Company hired Andrew Quiat to help us collect a debt totaling roughly three million dollars. The debtors were four individuals and their limited liability company. They lived in different states.

Over the last three years, from October, 2007, through the present, Andrew Quiat has relentlessly pursued these parties, and the relatives to which they fraudulently transferred their assets.

Andrew Quiat knows how to use the tools in the collection toolbox better than anyone. He is not awed or intimidated by the opposition. Instead, to mix my metaphor, he gradually throws constrictor coils around the prey (debtors).

We have learned that collection work does take time and patience.

Most important are the results achieved by Andrew Quiat. Primarily through his efforts, we have recovered all of our initial loan amount which we extended to these scumbags. Andrew Quiat is, first and foremost, results oriented. By that I mean, we have our money back, and have been able to meet our financial responsibilities, as a direct result of Andrew Quiat’s efforts.”

Steven W.

“Mr. Quiat was referred to me for a fraud case several years ago. He has been successful in securing a settlement. Mr. Quiat has been skilled in deliberation and hard handed when needed in collecting the debt owed. I would refer anyone I know to Mr. Quiat for any legal needs.”


“Andy is one of the few attorney’s that understands that I expect litigation to be profitable for me. I entrusted a $3M judgment to him for collection. There were four debtors, joint and several. He pursued each of them like a Boa. And he worked on a contingency. I highly recommend this attorney.”


“I used Mr. Quiat for legal services and was very satisfied on numerous occasions, it seems he went above and beyond his requirements to get me what I deserved. VERY GOOD LEGAL SERVICES :)”