Andrew L. Quiat (“Andy”)

Illegal Junk Faxes, Robocalls, And Text Messages

We can help small business, large business, and individuals who receive unwanted:

a. faxes on a dedicated fax machine, on their computer, with a fax modem card or via electronic fax services;
b. autodialed or prerecorded robocalls on land lines and cell phones; or
c. autodialed text messages, Tweets, and SMS messages to your mobile phone device.

In the process of stopping these illegal transmissions to you, we can often recover monetary damages for you that will net you as much as $100 — $250 per fax, call, or text after all legal fees and costs.

A leader in fighting unsolicited fax advertisements under both state and federal laws, Andy . Quiat has been involved in well over 1,500 “junk fax” law suits in Colorado alone. He has pursued to conclusion junk fax cases in not only trial courts, but, additionally, before the Colorado Court Of Appeals, the Colorado Supreme Court, and the Tenth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

His oral argument before the Colorado Supreme Court in Kruse v. McKenna, 178 P .3d 1198 (Colo. 2008), may be heard at the oral arguments for January 24, 2008, starting at 20 minutes into the argument: Supreme Court Oral Arguments.
In the federal courts, he has pursued junk fax matters before the United States Court Of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, US Fax Law Center, Inc. v. iHire, Inc., 476 F. 3d 1112 (10th Cir. 2007), and the U.S. Supreme Court. Junk Fax cases have been a central focus of his practice for over 10 years. The same body of law regulates robo calls and text messages.

E-mail Spam is regulated federally by the CANSPAM Act of 2003 and in Colorado by Colo.Rev.Stat. 6–1–702.5. , The Spam Reduction Act Of 2008. The challenges to this relatively new statute will be substantially grounded in the same sets of issues that have arisen in the junk fax arena.

Andyis uniquely qualified to prosecute cases under Colo.Rev.Stat. 6–1–702.5., by virtue of his background, training and experience.