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Do You Take Cases Prior To Judgment?

On occasion, I do take cases prior to you having a final money judgment. You have to persuade me about your case, there must be something pretty compelling about it, and you have to be able to fund your case. For a whole host of reasons, I prefer to have you come to me with a final money judgment of a million dollars or more. There are some cases that I will get involved with earlier because the issues they present are compelling or important enough. That’s not to say that your case, which involves less than a million dollars and doesn’t involve some broad social issue, is not important. Your case is terribly important to you. It’s your life, it’s your funds and it’s your estate. It has an impact on you, your family, your children and your grandchildren. It has an impact on what you can and cannot give back to your community and the world. It can even have an impact on your own legacy. So, there are cases that I will get involved with pre-judgment, but they have to be quite noteworthy in some aspect.

Why Do You Prefer Cases Worth Over $1 Million Or More?

When I set out to realize upon a final money judgment of $1 million or more, it isn’t usually against a bank or an insurance company. It inevitably is going to entail undoing a complex asset structure against conniving, smart people who use other people and other institutions. Oftentimes, they are not very nice people. Although, if you’ve just met them at a cocktail party, they are your best buddy, and if you met them at church, they are just as fine as can be. Those places are often used as their hunting grounds. Considering what I have to go through, the complexity of it, and the amount of time it takes, the expense is just as much for $100,000 as it is for a million dollars or more. So, I receive intellectual vigor; I get intellectually vigorous to go after these things. I enjoy knowing that it is going to undoubtedly make economic sense for you and for me. I feel really good about that. I don’t like putting a client into a position that they cannot afford to be in.

We carefully assess the economic case and the ongoing economics as we proceed with a case. Not only do we like to go over the satisfaction and healing that comes with you actually realizing upon your judgment, but we also like to deliver an economic result. When a case is for less than a million dollars, it becomes far more challenging. It’s something I’m happy to discuss with someone, but it’ll only happen on rare occasions.

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